“I want to thank you for developing and presenting three programs at our annual conference and trade show. Your three sessions were among the best attended of any of the sessions and our feedback tells us that attendees came away with new ideas and practical methods for improving their business.”

Elizabeth McCullough
General Manager-Trade Shows
Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating

Linda Hanson has been speaking and consulting to associations and companies across North America for the past twenty years. Her business presentations are based on first-hand knowledge and filled with action-oriented growth strategies and tactics that provide business leaders with take-home applications that work.

Linda is the co-author of 10 Steps to Marketing Success: How to Jump-Start Your Marketing and she authored the book Earning Your Seat at The Table: HRs Contribution to the Business. Many of her articles have been published in major trade publications such as ConstructionPros, Contact magazine, Canadian Manager, the Journal of Strategic Management, and Sales and Marketing Excellence. She is frequently interviewed by radio and print publications such as MSN bCentral, Newsweek Japan and Forum magazine.




Linda’s Business Presentations
All presentations are customized to meet the needs of your company or association.

Passing the Knowledge Torch
As young, talented employees are poised for promotion to leadership roles and aging, experienced workers prepare to leave their positions, it is critical to ensure that valuable insights and experiences are passed on. Leveraging the experience of the more senior workforce can accelerate less experienced employees to maximize performance and productivity.

After attending this session the participants will learn to take a proactive approach to succession planning. They will learn how to gain support from executive management, leverage the knowledge and wisdom of seasoned employees, and successfully implement succession by sourcing talent from all organizational levels and age groups.

Building A Customer Service Organization
Companies, like products and services, cannot remain commodities if they are to become industry leaders. In customers’ minds, they must have competitive advantages that make them stand out as preferred choices to their competition. This session examines how to:

  • Create a work atmosphere in which people are customer service oriented.
  • Ensure that you have the right people.
  • Train your staff to communicate better.
  • Become customer focused.
  • Establish value for the customer.
  • Follow up for repeat business.

Top-Down, Bottom-Up Strategy Execution
Getting a company from strategy development to company-wide strategy execution means the difference between success and failure. Strategies get implemented to the extent that people in the organization align themselves to the strategic plan and develop strong plans at their respective levels of the organization. This session is designed to reduce the risks of strategy failure and ensure everyone understands the relationship between their work and the organization’s overall strategic vision. This presentation focuses on:

  • How to align, integrate and drive departmental programs, projects and personal goals.
  • How to identify and avoid key pitfalls that derail strategy implementation efforts.
  • How to implement critical activities that drive strategy from the bottom up.
  • Options for tracking progress.

Minimizing Risk in Hiring and Promoting
With the ever-growing labor shortage it has become critical to move beyond traditional hiring tactics to ensure that hiring and retention efforts focus not only on experience and skills, but how well candidates fit the organization’s culture. Companies that implement a comprehensive hiring process will be more successful in attracting and retaining employees who will be aligned with corporate objectives. This session covers important criteria to look for, assessment tools that will identify vital attributes, and unbiased insights that will support and compliment the interview process; all essential elements to aid in securing a cohesive workforce that is aligned with companies values.

After attending this session participants will learn why and how to identify the underlying motivation within that drives their corporate culture. They will learn how to benchmark the job and identify critical behaviors, motivations, and core skills necessary for top performance in the role. They will learn how to effectively match the candidate’s attributes to the job’s core skills and in so doing, more effectively define and identify the ideal candidate which minimizes hiring risks, and increases retention.

If you’re looking for an experienced business professional to speak at your next meeting, call Linda Hanson, today.