Over the years we have found that research-based, problem-solving tools, which are easy to access, can be used to uncover and enhance human potential. As a result, LLH Enterprises is a licensed, authorized, distributor of TTI Performance Systems development products.

Over two million people have experienced the power of these reports and they are available in NINE languages in over TWENTY-FIVE countries. These assessments can be administered on-line through TTI’s Internet Delivery Service.

Forget the Bells and Whistles Remember the Nuts and Bolts

7 Strategies to Improve Performance, Linda L. Hanson

This book gives you seven strategies that will help you renew your organization and build performance.

Companies that ignite their people will increase their performance and experience growth.

This book will help you reinforce things that you have control over within your company — things that will not cost you additional money.

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12 Ways to Improve Your Profits

This book provides you with twelve ways to have a meaningful effect on your business’ bottom line.

To build profits, it is important to remember that the strategies recommended in this book must work together to affect the changes you want. It is futile to implement new processes if there is a problem with the attitude and performance of your people. So, structures and processes must work hand in hand with issues that involve your people.

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Use this workbook to stimulate your thinking before an intensive strategic planning process. The information will assist you in the formulation of a strategic framework and a set of corporate goals and directives to help your team develop a strategy and goals for the company. Each member of your team should complete the information in this workbook on their own to ensure complete information and as a means to uncover gaps in corporate alignment. Or, use this workbook to stimulate your thinking and begin the planning process for the coming year. This workbook will help you determine the business mission, strategies, organizational structure, and will provide information to start the planning process.

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Assessments from TTI

Style Analysis DISC
Personal Interests Attitudes and Values
Sales Strategy Index
Career Development

Organizational Development Surveys

360 Assessments from TTI
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Employee Satisfaction Surveys

To review a sample of two of the most popular and widely used assessments please go to the TTI website at www.ttidisc.com or emaillhanson@llhenterprises.com and we will set you up with a complimentary copy.

Recommended Reading

10 Secrets of Marketing Success: How To Jump-Start Your Marketing, co-authored by Linda L. Hanson, $24.90 U.S.; $36.60 Cdn.

“Required reading for small business owners who know the first secret-that regardless of what business they are in, they are really in the marketing business.” Jay Conrad Levinson, author Guerilla Marketing


Customer Loyalty: The Ongoing Secret, Linda L. Hanson

Find out how marketing can strengthen customer loyalty and how to keep customers loyal in this short booklet. It debunks the notion that corporate culture does not impact customer loyalty $8.00 U.S.; $11.75 Cdn

True Leaders: How Exceptional CEOs and Presidents Make a Difference by Building People and Profits, Bette Price and George Ritcheske, Dearborn Trade Press. Research with nearly 30 CEOs and Presidents reveals the values and characteristics that drive leaders to balance people and profit issues. Provides real-life examples. Available at Amazon.com.



Silver Mastermind Telegroup
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Writing to Leverage Your Business
How to Write Right and Get Published
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