Linda is frequently quoted on management and marketing issues in major print and online publications. Reporters from such publications as The Dallas Morning News, MSN BCentral, Newsweek Japan, the Business of Medicine and many more have relied on Linda as a reliable, knowledgeable resource. If you would like to interview Linda for your magazine, newspaper, newsletter, TV or radio show please contact us and check the appropriate box and Linda will contact you. Or, for your immediate needs, call her now at (972-971-6870).


Linda’s articles on management and leadership issues, organizational planning and business process have been published by numerous industry trade publications. A few of the publications in which articles have been featured are:

  • Journal of Business Strategy
  • Directorship magazine
  • Director’s Monthly
  • NESA, Energy Journal
  • Professional Speaker
  • Sales and Marketing Excellence
  • Canadian Manager
  • Contact
  • NESA, Energy Expo
  • Professional Speaker
  • ConstructionPros
  • CIPHEX Newsletter
  • The Atlanta Business Journal

DOWNLOAD..some of Linda’s most requested articles. Permission is granted to reprint or post any of these articles in your own publication or website as long as you provide the appropriate information listed at the end of each article. If you would like to have Linda write an article for your publication,, please contact us and check the “Write An Article” option.

Sales Articles
Ethical Selling Builds Loyalty
Better Decisions Equals Better Sales Performance

Aligning Sales and Marketing
Revising the Strategic Planning Process
Innovative Marketing: Are You Using It?
Perception vs. Reality: Promoting Better Customer Service

Promoting Self Responsibility
What boards can do about America’s corporate leadership crisis
Director Recruitment – Filling Unique Niches

Construction Articles
Sell More Than Price
Cost Versus Revenue: How Do Your Meetings Stack Up
Driving Company Performance
Power Up The People