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What are the big questions facing small and mid-sized businesses just like yours?

How can I do a better job of growing revenues? LLH Enterprises’ marketing and sales programs grow revenues at up to double digit rates.

What can I do to handle problem employees and reduce turnover? Our performance dashboards, employee skills auctions and training programs help people love their jobs and maximize performance.

How can I generate more innovative strategies and tactics into my annual planning? Our group mind solutions and dashboards get wide input, faster clarity and better tactics planning.

As the company grows, how can I help speed the growth of myself and my managers? LLH Enterprises has over 20,000 hours experience advising and coaching CEOs and managers of small to mid-sized companies.

LLH Enterprises has been working with companies since 1982. We understand small and mid sized companies like few others do. Our depth and understanding comes from more than 20 years of real life, practical experience. Check out examples of our results with these three case studies.